Art for Ukraine
01.03 / 12:00 - 31.03 / 12:00

Art fundraiser to help those affected by the war in Ukraine. We choose these initiatives with the expertise of university researchers, as well as with the help of local contacts and government sources: Voices of Children (Providing psychological and psychosocial support to children), Vostok-SOS (Providing assistance to victims of military aggression), Libereco (Humanitarian aid).

The fundraiser ended on Thursday 31.03.2022. Together we raised 37.000€. We are covering all production and shipping costs. 100% of the money was donated in equal parts to the organisations above.

Contributing artists: Alena Yarysh, Ana Evig, Ania Brudna, Anna Ivchenko, Anton Belinskiy, Daniel Vaysberg, Danyil Kotliar, Daria Svertilova, Diana Lange, Julia Kafizova, Kargina Ksenia, Lena Pogrebnaya, Lesha Berezovskiy, Mariia Vydrenko, Max Dutka, Nikita Sereda, Olya Oleinic, Polina Polikarpova, Tania & Roman, Vic Bakin, Yana Franz, Yelena Yemchuk.