03.06 / 05:00 - 17.06 / 09:00
Sarah Neumann, Hannah Jeong, Boris Saccone und Jimmy Vuong

In an engaging dialogue between four positions, the group exhibition I ALLIED WITH YOURS focuses on young perspectives on the medium of painting and the transformation of reality through figurative practice.

The artists Sarah Neumann, Hannah Jeong, Boris Saccone, and Jimmy Vuong are united not only by their friendship but also by an insistence on representation. At the same time, their motivic and thematic points of reference, spatial and figurative relations, and lived experiences that they process in their work diverge. The confrontation of their painterly explorations with the physical environment surrounding us or fictitious spaces allows for multi-layered contexts and a poetic openness that reflects the search for a distinct style and artistic positioning: Figures in domesticated outdoor and indoor spaces meet mystical symbolism, objects that persist in ornamental constructions enter into an exchange with the visualization of a nature that has become alien and ominous.

I ALLIED WITH YOURS can be understood as an excerpt of the lively range of young, figurative practice and is driven by the idea that artistic productivity can only unfold in mutual exchange, in which we cling to each other with all the friction that arises here.

Curated by Emily Nil

Tue-Sun 16-19h & by appointment via IAWY@gmx.de