Poster Contributions
Now You See Me Moria
31.01 / 12:00

An open call by @now_you_see_ me_moria

Sunday, February 14 is Valentines Day. We want to use this rather tacky holiday to promote our idea of uncompromising benevolence. You are invited to contribute a poster to raise awareness for the current situation in the Moria refugee camp. All posters will be made available to the public to download, print, or post them. On the Day of Love we ask you to spread our message. Online and in public spaces, especially in large cities that play a role in European politics. Our goal is to further the agenda that made us start @now_you_ see_me_moria: To raise awareness to the current situation of the people in the camp, and to push European policy makers towards creating sustainable change.

NEU WORKSHOP contributed several poster designs, as well as free of charge printing support for local initiatives.