01.05 / 12:00 - 30.06 / 12:00

Beginning in spring we will offer an eight weeks long residency in our studio. By providing free working space and access to all resources the workshop has to offer, this initiative is aimed at supporting artists from all backgrounds and disciplines.

What we want to offer through the residency to 2-3 people (depending on the individual scale of work and requirements):

6 weeks shared working space the studio
+- 45 sqm. Including access to workshop tools, various professional lighting, photo and video / film equipment.

6 weeks shared working space in the office
Including access to high end computers, monitors & software (full Creative Cloud), printing (- A2), scanning (- A3), library, network.

2 weeks exhibition* space in the studio
+- 175 sqm

*The only condition for the 2 weeks exhibition period is that the space will be opened to the public. What this intervention will look like is open to the residents.

With the residency we want to support artists by providing access to often scarce and expensive resources. As a self funded / fincanced initiative we want to collectively form new independent offerings as an alternative to insitutional residencies or scholarships and with that challenge and transcend institutionalized education. We want to stimulate plurality and create a place to enter by widening our focus from short-term, project based offerings to mid- and long-term research based modes of working. As all our endeavors the residency project is a process not a result. We will be continuously re-evaluating how our support structures can provide the most value.

There is no formal application process. We will choose candidates based on their portfolios / ongoing research / concepts / planned projects. Please send an email to with a brief introduction to yourself, your contact details and a link or pdf representing your (proposed) work.

The first residency period will be 01.05. - 30.06.2023.
The application will be open for one month 15.02. - 15.03.
We will evaluate applications and answer all emails until 31.03..


Who can apply?

The residency is not targeted at a specific group or category, which means everyone can apply.

What is your evaluation and the selection based on?

In our selection we will consider various aspects. We will evaluate applications based on their experimental nature, cultural relevance and potential societal impact. We appreciate integrative and cross-disciplinary approaches. We will take into account systematic disadvantages such as gender, race and class.

What contact information do I need to provide?

Please provide your email address and link(s) to your social media.

Will you offer feedback?

We will reply to every email we receive but we will not offer feedback on your work.


NEU WORKSHOP is a community and non-profit multi use project space for research and experimentation. By sharing material and immaterial resources, we aim to create an environment that encourages new voices and ideas, amplifies innovative and investigative approaches, and stimulates inter- and multidisciplinary collaboration. You can find more information about the project on

How is NEU WORKSHOP positioned in the context of art? Are you a gallery?

While our space offers the conditions for exhibitions, installations and performances we do not consider NEU WORKSHOP to be a gallery (“white cube”) but more of a process oriented space where works can also be displayed.

Who will choose the residents?

All applications will be read and evaluated by a group of people involved in running NEU WORKSHOP.

Does the residency include a budget for material or expenses such as travel?

No. At the moment we do not have the financial capacity to also offer a budget but it is something that we want to work towards for future residencies.

If a question you have remains unanswered please do not hesitate to write us to We will continuously update the FAQ.