WORKSHOP is a community and non-profit multi use project space for research and experimentation / JETZT is a publishing practice.

By sharing material and immaterial resources, we aim to create an environment that encourages new voices and ideas, amplifies innovative and investigative approaches, and stimulates inter- and multidisciplinary collaboration.

We are constantly re-evaluating how these support structures can provide a framework for ongoing collective experimentation, research, sharing and learning to connect practical, theoretical, cultural and social ambitions that resonate within and outside the art context.

The physical space of the workshop allows for a variety of usage scenarios. The office is equipped with multiple working stations for photography & video editing, photography (negative) scanning, as well as large format photography printing. The studio offers equipment for photography and video, exhibitions and installations, music production, screen printing, sewing and more.

Furthermore the space provides the conditions for exhibitions, installations, performances, mediation- and education projects, photo and video productions, workshops, presentations or temporary stores.

Adlzreiterstr. 13 / Rgb
80337 Munich


NEU WORKSHOP / JETZT is a project by CNP

All images and texts © the artists and NEU WORKSHOP / JETZT